How to Import a MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin?

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How can I import a database? Please Follow the given instructions.

Step 1. Log in to your WHN cPanel account.

Step 2. Navigate to the Database section, and select phpMyAdmin.

Step 3. In phpMyAdmin you will see a list of your databases on the left side. Select the database you would like to import.

Step 4. Once the database is selected, click the “Import” tab at the top.

Step 5. In this sub-section, a “browse” button will appear. Select this, and choose the desired .sql file on your PC.

Step 6. After you have selected the file, click “Go” at the bottom right; it will import your .sql file for you.

Note: The maximum size for a sql upload via phpMyAdmin is 50MB. For larger databases please either split the database before importing, or import via SSH.