How to create email forwarder in cPanel using webmail

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Email forwarder allows you to send a copy of your mail to another mail addresses you have specified in the webmail mail forwarder settings. This feature allows you to forward mail to Gmail accounts also. To setup an email forwarder in webmail, please follow the below given instructions.

1. Login to your webmail account.

webmail login

2. Click on the dropdown box of your email address from the top-right corner of the webmail account. Then click on the option ‘Forwarders’.

drop down Forwarders

3. A new window will open and here click on the button named ‘Add Forwarder’.

add Forwarder

4. On the next page, enter the email address you want to set as email forwarder.

add email forwarder

5) After specifying the forwarder email addresses, click on the button ‘Add Forwarder’ and you’ll see success message.

success message.

6) You can verify the email forwarder is set up properly by checking ‘forwarding options’.

7) You may also check if the forwarder is working properly by sending a test mail.